Strive for a balanced lifestyle while travelling, and you’ll undoubtedly experience exceptional vacations

When planning your travel itinerary, it’s essential to strike a balance. While exploring cities, where museums and churches are aplenty, it’s crucial to mix in outdoor activities and leisurely pastimes.

It’s no secret that you will find an abundance of museums and churches in many European cities like Rome, Florence, London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid. Of course, while these cultural sites are worth visiting, you’ll enhance your experience by diversifying your schedule with leisurely strolls in parks, casual window shopping, or browsing charming flea markets.

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Don’t misunderstand; museums and some churches house invaluable masterpieces that shouldn’t be missed. However, immersing yourself in these cultural venues for an extended period can lead to sensory overload. After about two to three hours, your brain may start to feel overwhelmed, and you might even find yourself walking past a remarkable piece of art with diminishing enthusiasm.

That’s when it’s time to step out of the museum and enjoy a change of scenery, perhaps by taking a relaxing walk in a nearby park. While you will thoroughly enjoyed the art at the Prado in Madrid, you’ll also cherish the moments spent at Retiro Park, just around the corner. Indulge in tapas and a glass of wine, and observe the locals as they stroll by during their evening “paseo.” The art is impressive, but the paseo experience encapsulates the essence of Spain.

If you’ve paid a substantial museum admission fee, leaving after only a couple of hours might seem challenging. This is where museum cards come in handy. For instance, with the Paris Museum Card, you can enter and exit the Louvre or the Museu d’Orsay multiple times within the three, four, or six days of card validity. The Mona Lisa might appear even more captivating after a leisurely lunch by the Seine, a glass of wine, and a stroll past the book vendors.

Are you thinking about organizing a trip to Italy with your friends? Italy is a renowned destination with many attractions. But to make the most of your visit, don’t fill your schedule with visits to churches and museums while leaving limited room for other activities.

The constant transition from one venue to another, with walks as the only outdoor respite, will eventually prompt you and your friends to express the desire for a change by exclaiming, “Too many Duomos! Can’t we simply sit in a piazza and enjoy a glass of wine?”

Even on road trips through the countryside, avoid planning excessively long, all-day drives. Instead, drive for a couple of hours, then take the opportunity to explore a quaint town. Europe makes this easy, given its compact geography. In Canada or the United States, where distances can be greater, you can still find charming places to stop and savour the experience.

It’s crucial to maintain a balanced itinerary even during active vacations. Whether hiking or trekking, allocate time in the afternoon to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature, observe birds, or simply revel in the serene surroundings.

Travelling at a frenetic pace and attempting to cram everything into your itinerary can diminish the joy of travelling. Strive for balance, and you’ll undoubtedly have an exceptional trip.

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